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ACS Biomarker

ACS Biomarker BV is a Dutch biotechnology company focusing on the discovery, validation and commercialization of novel biomarkers that improve prognosis and management of cardiac disease. 

ACS Biomarker concentrates on developing novel biomarkers for the diagnosis and prognosis of patients with heart failure. The company discovered Galectin-3, the first protein-based prognostic biomarker for heart failure that is now in the clinic. The past years ACS Biomarker’s research focus was on miRNAs. miRNAs represent a new class of circulating biomarkers that are remarkably stable and can be easily detected in blood samples. ACS Biomarker was the first company to identify a series of microRNAs that can be used for the diagnosis and prognosis of heart failure.
In current practice clinical symptoms and multiple measurements of diagnostic biomarkers (BNP, NTproBNP) and of prognostic markers such as Galectin-3 are required to optimally assess the clinical condition of a heart failure patient.
The key objective of ACS Biomarker is to develop one multi-marker test that simultaneously provides diagnostic and prognostic information and can distinguish between the different heart failure subtypes. A quick and simplified diagnostic procedure that leads to a better understanding of the cardiovascular status will result in better treatment decisions and improved patient outcomes.

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Contact: Harm de Vries
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ACS Biomarker BV