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AIMM Therapeutics’ Partner MedImmune Advances MEDI8897 into Phase Ib/IIa Study

AIMM Therapeutics’ Partner MedImmune Advances MEDI8897 into Phase Ib/IIa Study

19 March | AIMM

AIMM Therapeutics, a leading human therapeutic antibody company, today announced that its partner MedImmune, LLC, the global biologics unit of AstraZeneca, has initiated phase Ib/IIa clinical studies with MEDI8897, a best-­in-­class antibody for the treatment of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infections in young, at risk children. MEDI8897 originated from AIMM’s D25 antibody and has been engineered to yield an extended half-life while retaining the high potency of D25. Under the terms of their partnering agreement, AIMM will receive a non‐disclosed milestone payment from MedImmune.

D25 was developed from immortalized B cells of an individual exposed to RSV utilizing AIMM’s proprietary antibody technology platform. Preclinical studies have shown that D25 neutralizes RSV with high efficiency by recognizing a unique epitope on the prefusion structure of the F protein expressed on the virus coat. In recent phase I clinical studies show that MEDI8897 is well tolerated and has a half-life that may provide protection against RSV infection during the entire RSV season.

“MedImmune is the world leader in RSV infection drug development so the validation associated with the phase I clinical studies with MEDI8897 is very pleasing to see. The decision to advance this antibody into a phase Ib/IIa study in infants is further confirmation of AIMM’s unique capabilities to discover exceptional human antibodies, with high therapeutic potency, against biological targets that normally are difficult to address,” said Dr. Jan de Vries, AIMM’s CEO.

About AIMM Therapeutics

AIMM Therapeutics (AIMM) is a leading antibody company that based on its synergistic, state-­of­‐the­‐art antibody technology platform develops high affinity human monoclonal antibodies directly from immortalized and selected B cells of individuals who produce antibodies with high therapeutic value and of a variety of non-­human species, including rabbits. AIMM antibodies can be further affinity matured in a proprietary process that does not require molecular engineering. AIMM has a broad product pipeline targeted at various cancers and chronic infections. AIMM has two antibodies in clinical trials and has partnered with companies such as MedImmune/AstraZeneca, Genentech/Roche, Johnson & Johnson and Cosmo Pharmaceuticals.


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AIMM Therapeutics
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