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SigmaScreening closes financing round and signs strategic collaboration

SigmaScreening closes financing round and signs strategic collaboration

7 March | Sigma Screening

SigmaScreening closes financing round and signs strategic collaboration Amsterdam, 7 March 2014. SigmaScreening B.V. has successfully concluded its financing round after signing a strategic collaboration with an investor syndicate comprised of Participatiemaatschappij Oost-Nederland, Holland Venture and Life Sciences Fund Amsterdam.

SigmaScreening, a spin-off of the Academic Medical Centre in Amsterdam, has developed an innovative mammography product based on an AMC invention that effectively prevents unnecessary pain during breast cancer screening. SigmaScreening will use the funds to offer its product, which is successfully used by the AMCto other hospitals and screening centres in the Netherlands and the rest of the world. Every year, 150 million women around the world are tested for breast cancer. This is nearly one and a half million women aged between 50 and 75 in the Netherlands alone. Pain suffered during screening is reason for one in five women to decide against having a mammography. After 45 years of breast screening, SigmaScreening´s solution represents an important step in addressing overcompression, significantly reducing pain.

Uniquely, the new product takes into account individual breast size and the compression needed for a clear mammogram. This will benefit both women and optimize image quality. SigmaScreening employs professionals in the field of radiology, mammography, biomedical physics and medical IT. For its technical development and production it works with leading Dutch organisations such as Claymount Assemblies and Demcon. Based in Enschede, Demcon is an engineering firm specialised in mechatronic applications in medical and other industries. Claymount, based in Dinxperlo, is manufacturer and supplier of components and subsystems for medical and industrial X-ray equipment. According to SigmaScreening, there is a global need for the solution it offers, opening up a huge sales market.

Entering the final phase before the market introduction, SigmaScreening is winding up the certification and development phase and setting up the marketing & sales activities in the Netherlands and abroad. These activities will be funded by its investors. On Friday 7 March, the product will be presented to radiologists, laboratory technicians and the industry at the European Radiology Congress (ECR) in Vienna. Director Ivo Aarninkhof of SigmaScreening expects a great deal from the innovation.

”This innovative mammography function helps to significantly reduce pain during breast screening by offering much more sensitive compression adapted to individual women. Based on current technologies, this innovative product will be accepted by the market much more readily than if this was a radically new technology.”